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How was your stay at Chatrium Hotel Riverside Bangkok?

Let us know by leaving your mark here in our guestbook. Reviews, simple hellos, or even sonnets proclaiming your love for us are all welcome!

Or just a take a look around to get a taste of Chatrium!

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"Excellent Hotel"

Klas Falk reviewed June 27, 2013

Excellent hotel with friendly and great staff. Location is
good for relaxing but also to explore Bangkok. My room have a amazing view over the river. I recommend this hotel for family and people who want a good place to relax and also want to explore Bangkok.

"my choice of hotel"

Stefan Ryderfelt reviewed June 21, 2013

So nice to stay at Chatrium by the river. Quiet area and
really friendly staff. Been there 3 times now and thats now my first choise of hotel in Bangkok.


Choy Yat Chun Anthony reviewed June 21, 2013

I would like to express my gratitude to the arrangement of
Mr. Chatchawan Napawan and also thank all staffs who so kind and nice to us. I will come again if visit Bangkok again. Thank you!!


N?stor Daniel Mart?nez reviewed June 20, 2013

Muchas gracias por su atenci?n, hicieron que nuestra estad?a
fuera maravillosa, sin duda, cuando vuelva a Bangkok me alojare en vuestro hotel

"Great Service"

Christopher Kindness reviewed June 19, 2013

Possibly the best hotel I have ever stayed in! Great service
and a lovely room- Thank You.

"thank all the staff"

Karon Martina Day reviewed June 14, 2013

I would like to thank all the staff at the Chatrium for
making my stay comfortable. Everyone was really friendly and only to happy to help. My room was clean and comfortable with the most sensational view. I would stay with you again should I come to Bangkok and recommend it to my friends and family. Thank you once again for making my stay pleasurable.

"very good hotel"

Prateek Gupta reviewed June 13, 2013

Value: Excellent
Cleanliness: Excellent
Maintenance: Excellent
Friendliness of staff: Excellent
Efficiency of staff: Excellent
Check-in: Excellent
Check-out: Excellent
Housekeeping: Excellent
Breakfast buffet: Average
Quality of food & drinks: Good

More Comments: A very good hotel and I had nice experience staying there....hope to come back soon.....

"lovely hotel"

Ginko Kobayashi reviewed June 11, 2013

It was such a lovely hotel. The room was clean and comforting with a luxurious space (I chose a grand room with a view). It was so useful to have a kitchen so that I can eat in the room while relaxing. When you are very busy with attending a conference and when you are sick (I was in bed
all day on my last day because of the fatigue from the conference), you really don't have time and energy to go to a hotel restaurant to have a meal. So, the kitchen and the room service were very helpful. I cannot forget the specially cooked rice meal I had in the room. The bed was
excellent as well. It had a special mat and cured my stiff body. Everything was superb. I also enjoyed the bakery in a mini eat-in shop on the ground floor.

"Ms and Mr"

Nancy Santos reviewed June 06, 2013

What can we say about the hotel. The best hotel that my fiancé and I have stay at in Bangkok, the view is amazing. The food was wonderful. My fiancé and I will be coming back to Chatrium Hotel in the new year.

"I love the Chatrium hotel"

Ola Ingebrikt Mork reviewed June 04, 2013

I love the Chatrium hotel:-) To wake up in the morning -first thing you see is a fantastic panoramaview over Bangkok. Go down for ? great breakfast together with a staff that can
only make you happy. The breakfast is so good I have to go sleep after eating. Then go swimming in big, nice and clean pool. If time then the good serviceboat to wan por for excelent massage and some shopping. Then back to Chatrium to join the buffet -the most wonderful buffet I've ever eaten in all of the world. Then go sleep in good beds -and you know: this staff knows how to take care of their customers:-)

Chatrium Hotel Riverside Bangkok , USA 4.7 5.0 138 138 An oasis of calm in a very hectic city. We loved returning to the hotel with a relaxing swim after a tiring day trekking around the city. To have such lovely views whilst swimming