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Our Employees

At Chatrium, your remarkable experience is brought to you by our employees—the people who make your comfort their business with their warm smiles and friendly nature.

Curious about what our employees at Chatrium Hotel Riverside Bangkok feel about making every day remarkable for our guests? Take a read below!


  • Siripen


    AM River Barge

    I have been working in River Barge for more than a year.  I feel proud and happy every time I see guests feeling satisfied with my service and the relaxing atmosphere.

  • Sumet Yimphet (Ball)

    Sumet Yimphet (Ball)


    I was inspired from the first moment I joined as an internship trainee. I was told that stewarding plays an important role in the hotel. However, no one seemed to be interested in being trained in this department.  I made up my mind that I would explore this less traveled road and after eight months, I have no regrets. In fact, I feel proud of my job.

  • Walee Wichasorn (Nuch)

    Walee Wichasorn (Nuch)

    GSO Front Office

    In my opinion, working as a Guest Service Officer gives me the chance to use my knowledge and skills to provide a good first impression.  Each time I see a tired-looking guest checking in, I always try my best to turn that tired face into a smile.  I am proud to say that many guests did smile after I took care of them.

  • Narote Weerawan

    Narote Weerawan

    Chief Concierge

    We often hear our happy guests complimenting the hotel as, “a home away from home”. To me “a home” needs to have family members, who of course would understand your needs and keep you company. As a Chief Concierge, I put my effort in creating that atmosphere while working. I understand that the guests who have been travelling far away from home need a homey person to talk from time to time. And that is my daily personal goal.

  • Nipon Poonchaloen

    Nipon Poonchaloen

    AV Supervisor

    I work in the Banquet department as an AV Supervisor. For me, I truly believe that a remarkable experience is an event where all the senses are awakened. Believe me; cover your eyes or ears while in the cinema and you’ll find it hard to enjoy the movie. My job is to create a remarkable experience for you and I will do my best to ensure that all the audio and visual elements of the events held at CHRB are at its best.

  • Supakorn Wongvien

    Supakorn Wongvien

    Sr. Sous Chef (SW)

    “Please don’t ask me about how I make Chinese food at Silver Waves. You know, it’s a top secret. Chefs don’t share their recipe. Well, there’s only one thing I can tell you if you really want to know. My major ingredient is my heart and soul. Be my guest at Silver Waves.”

  • Juthamars Chayangsu

    Juthamars Chayangsu

    Event Sales Manager

    I have been working in Event Sales for over one year. I really treasure my work as it gives me the opportunity to know many people. I even became friends with some of the hotel guests! I feel very proud that I am able to be an honoured witness of people’s many successes and celebrations. My tip in working is ‘always follow up’ and the key factor of guest’s satisfaction is to ‘put myself in their shoes’. Don’t laugh at me if I tell you that I always put my heart into my job because I hope that one day my prince will come and that I will have the best wedding ever.

  • Chalermpol Putpha

    Chalermpol Putpha

    Supervisor Pool Bar

    Some people envy me as I have one of the best working environment in the hotel. Yes, I work at the Pool Bar as the supervisor. What can be better than a nice relaxing swim or sunbathe followed by yummy snacks and refreshing drinks? That’s what I deliver. It’s an easy equation: smile + service = satisfaction.

  • Anusara Yasorat

    Anusara Yasorat

    Housekeeping Attendant

    There are different ways to express love and care to others. Some talk about love while some choose to avoid. My way is different. I choose to pamper the people I care with my genuine smile and the eye for detail in cleaning the rooms. I don’t see guests as strangers whom we just meet once or twice. In fact, guests are very important people whom we should feel grateful towards. So the kind of service that I provide to such important people is always my best. Who knows, these casual visits could become years and years of return visits.