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Our Employees

At Chatrium, your remarkable experience is brought to you by our employees—the people who make your comfort their business—always committed to creating a consistently remarkable experience each and every time you stay with us with their warm smiles and friendly nature.

For their efforts in making you feel like a part of the big Chatrium family, we honor our best employees at Chatrium Residence Riverside Bangkok.

Staff Testimonials

  • Ms. Mariela Fonzalida

    Ms. Mariela Fonzalida

    I truly understand how people feel when they are away from home, especially when they have to stay in another country for a very long time and when the language can sometimes be a barrier. Of course, they need to turn to someone who would understand their needs and who would definitely love to help them out. I use the word ‘love’ because that’s how I do it. I love my guests (I feel they are my family). When you love and care for someone, you will always remember what they like and dislike. Details do matter here. Perhaps my title should be different – Personal Assistant Manager is my label.

  • Orisa Kumwan

    Orisa Kumwan

    To me, the word ‘residence’ is simple. It sounds like the word ‘rest’. Therefore, I always put in effort to create a restful place for the residents. It’s as easy as 1-2-3 and I would love to share my tips with you. One, always make an eye contact because you would want to show that you are ready and confident to provide service and assistance. Two, smile genuinely, like you want others to see the beauty inside you. Three, greet with ‘sawasdee ka’ because it is a magic wand that makes the atmosphere welcoming in just a second.

  • Amonrat Somha

    Amonrat Somha

    Something happened the other night! I was cleaning a room where a lovely family was residing. I noticed that they love gardening as they had many small potted plants all over the place. One day, I saw one plant dying, probably due to the weather here. I felt sorry for the plant and wanted to revive it so I took a small twig from the other plant and put it in the pot, hoping that it would grow before the family return from their trip. Luck was on my side and it did grow! I will never ever forget their faces when they saw the plant growing again.